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Bench International Places Dr. Scott Gottlieb, Former FDA Commissioner as a Director with Illumina

Shahina Khatun



Bench International is a leading global executive search company. Recently it has announced the opening of a newer regional office situated in the heart of the life science community of San Diego. It is fueled by an increase in the San Diego life science venture capital funding. Bench International is creating an impact addressing the commensurate backlog of the C-suite, R&D, strategic, and other technical executive openings by influencing the global reach. From an earlier stage to established life science companies, matching the bioscience industry leadership requirements to the leaders is a vital skill, made even harder by the unemployment rate of 2.8% of San Diego County. But, the deep experience of the Bench International merged with the global capacity is successfully filling the vital competency in San Diego.

This skill was exhibited as of late with the arrangement of Scott Gottlieb to Illumina’s top managerial staff. Gottlieb, previous chief of the FDA and occupant individual of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), hoists both the profile of Illumina and the San Diego life sciences bunch.

DeeDee DeMan, Chairman and CEO of Bench International, is a local of San Diego and comprehends the significant interdependencies between the area’s chief scholarly/inquire about foundations and life science organizations, from both scholarly and human capital points of view. As a regarded individual from the worldwide life science network, DeMan attests, “San Diego has all the important fixings to outperform the development and achievement of Boston’s life science group. Our firm is resolved to help and offer back to make this a reality.”

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