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Bad Sisters Season 1: Release Date, Star Cast, Review, Trailer, and much more



Bad Sisters

The first season of Bad Sisters will premiere on Apple TV+ on the 19th of August with the first two episodes. The rest of the episodes will have a weekly release.

What is the synopsis of Bad Sisters Season 1?

Bad Sisters is a dark comedy thriller series. It is set between London and Dublin. Malin-Sarah Gozin’s ‘Clan’ is the inspiration for this series. The show follows a group of sisters. The death of one sister’s husband creates a problematic situation.

The sisters try to keep their spirits high. They joke around, fight and make fun of each other. But they don’t forget the dead. The series depicts how this group of sisters finds the killer. They also come closer as sisters.

We don’t know what happens in this journey full of confusion and turmoil. Watch the series on Apple TV+, releasing Aug 19th.

What is the cast of this series?

Sharon Horgan directed this series. Executive Producers of the series include Sharon Horgan herself. Brett Baer and Dave Finkel also take up this responsibility.

The star cast includes Sharon Horgan, Anne-Marie Duff, and Eva Birthistle. The supporting cast also includes Sarah Greene, Eve Hewson, Claes Bang, and Brian Gleeson.

Bad Sisters Season 1

What is the review of Bad Sisters Season 1?

The show has mixed reviews. Some people describe the series as dark, funny, and witty. Some people describe it as funny but empty.

Consensus says that this series is watchable. The crew filmed at many locations. The crew also went to Dublin for filming. If you are looking for dark comedy, this series is good.

Is the trailer for the upcoming series Bad Sisters Season 1 on Apple TV+ out yet?

The trailer for the series is available to watch on YouTube.

You can also watch this trailer on Apple TV’s official YouTube channel.

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