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Australia might still ban Boeing 737 Max aircraft even if the US gives it a clearance

Daniel Scott



Boeing 737 Max

There has been a tremendous rise in Airline safety and security in the past decade or more. But we have also seen that there have been instances where security lapses have occurred. Having said that, you must have heard about the Boeing 737 Max which is a passenger aircraft that is developed by America’s Boeing.

Now, the problem with this low-cost carrier from Boeing is that there have been several incidents in a very short time regarding plane crashes. It was later revealed that the Boeing 737 Max had a manufacturing defect and this meant that the people lost their lives due to the fault of an airline manufacturer.

Since then, we have known that the Boeing 737 Max all over the world have been grounded to a halt. Boeing says that they have been working on fixing the issues with its plane and they are hoping to get it fixed soon. However, there is still the question of people willing to fly in a plane which was once having technical difficulties. Now, there have been several surveys and the feedback is that people don’t feel the trust in flying on a Boeing 737 Max once again after the incidents that have occurred.

Now, it has been revealed that the Boeing 737 Max might still be grounded by Australia’s air safety regulator in the country even if the US counterpart’s deem the Boeing 737 Max safe to fly once again. The reason for this is obvious as the people in Australia might not be willing to fly in that aircraft and there is a security risk in flying that aircraft once again as well.

Civil Aviation Safety Authority said that “As the certifying authority for the aircraft type, obviously the FAA is central to the decision as to whether the aircraft flies or not but in this case due to the nature of it there is focus on the aircraft from authorities around the world,”

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