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Australia Launches a Revolutionary Prescription Lens Scanner Technology

Shahina Khatun



Vision Direct Australia which is the most leading and also the fastest online eye-wear dealer today has announced the introduction of Lens Scanner. Lens Scanner is a free app which will allow the consumers to draw out their prescription through their own phones straightly. This FDA-listed application is now powered by the groundbreaking technology and it requires only a computer screen, a smartphone and a magnetic card for the measurement along with your current glasses.

They are one of the first companies which started taking several initiatives to contribute to make a solution for the eye health crisis. The Vision Direct Lens Scanner is now available in the Australian App Store as well as in the Google Play Store. The Lens Scanner is now allowing the general people to draw out the optical parameters from their current glasses and is making clear to order a new glass from online.

David Menning, the CEO said that they knew that the consumers were tech-savvy and were driven by simplicity and convenience, so they proudly offer their consumers a great solution which would put the consumers in control of the eyewear that they needed. Besides, with the Lens Scanner, they could easily receive their prescription from phones. This revolutionary application had saved both the money and time to go to see the doctors. The team are now confident that this app will enable the accessibility and easily affordable eyewear for people.

Things you need:

  1. A smartphone. Download the Lens Scanner app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. A computer.
  3. You current glasses.
  4. A magnetic card of standard size

Once the prescription is drawn out, the website automatically will take you to eyeglasses section where you can buy your eyeglasses online at a reasonable rate. This small step has a significant effect for those people who have a vision problem.

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