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Atlanta Resident Featured on the Ellen’s Holiday Special

Shahina Khatun



On 11th December, tomorrow, the Atlanta resident named Keeli Simpson as well as the family of Jennifer Lazo will be promoted on Ellen’s Greatest Night of Giveaways. The show will be telecasted at 8PM ET on the NBC.

The holiday specials of Ellen are greatly expected to involve the participation of the celebrity friends like Sterling K. Brown, Jennifer Aniston, Robert Downey Jr., Melissa McCarthy, Michael B. Jordan, Michelle Obama, Jason Momoa, Justin Timberlake and Chrissy Teigen. In 2018, last year, Simpson and Lazo together co-founded the “Join The Flock” which is a developing non-profit and supports the families that are impacted by cancer. Join The Flock supports them by providing mortgage payments as well as emotional support. The organization was first built regarded the simultaneous battle of Lazo with cancer.

Simpson said that in the middle of Lazo’s own battle, Jen had been so selfless to think about the other members. On 25th May this year, Lazo had passed after continuing a brave journey with her cancer.

During 2017, Simpson along with Jamie (her husband) and Lazo connected through a real estate, and within a few months, Simpson Real Estate Group surprisingly hired Lazo. Simpson said that Jennifer had told her husband on the primary call that Jennifer had been dreaming of turning the real estate and of donating a percentage to the closing families that had been impacted severely by cancer. She also said that she had an experience on creating the marketing campaigns and that’s why she had written an innovative brief for the dream and they also had got to the work on charity.

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