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Apple rejected an app from review on its App Store because the reviewer was “not running iOS 13”

Daniel Scott



Apple App Store

We have seen some bizarre incidents and then there are incidents which are hard to explain. We have one such incident right in front which is related to Apple, surprisingly. It is generally assumed that Apple is the best in terms of quality, customer support as well as many other things. However, we have one report where an absolutely routine thing was made to be difficult.

In this case, we are talking about Apple’s App Store and a developer submitting his newly created app to the Store for review. As you might be aware, each app that goes on the Apple App Store needs to be reviewed before going live. Therefore, someone from Apple makes sure that the app passes their guidelines and then approves it on the App Store.

Similarly, an iOS developer created an application based on iOS 13 and he wanted to upload it on the App Store so he applied for a review of his app. However, the reply he got was very interesting and bemusing, to say the least. The reviewer on the other side said that he cannot review this app because he is apparently not using iOS 13. We know that iOS 13 is not released yet but it is common practice to build apps on the next version of any OS so that they are ready for the general public when the update reaches their phones.

Here is exactly what the developer was told when he applied for a review of his app on the Apple App Store: “You’re using pre-release software so I can’t even review your app as I’m not running iOS 13. Please just wait four days till it’s released, and then resubmit your app for review. I’m going to reject your binary for that in the meantime.”

However, Apple seemed to understand the issue quickly and they arranged a call once again with the developer. A lady, believed to be a customer support executive from Apple, said that it is not true that you cannot submit apps based on iOS 13 right now. He was also told that “They certainly CAN be submitted”. The developer then mentioned that he has submitted his app once again and “the app goes back to review”

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