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Apex Companies, LLC Wants Retention Pond Services

Shahina Khatun



Today, on 8th October 2019, LLC has announced the addition of Retention Pond Services Inc. which is a regional director in the stormwater compliance, repair and maintenance services. Through this excellent transaction, Apex which is an award winning and influential water resources, industrial hygiene company and environmental services, has solidified the position as the biggest mid-market stormwater service provider in US.

Retention Pond Services Inc. has experiences over 23 years in the field of inspecting, repairing, maintaining the stormwater infrastructure and systems for the municipalities and companies. The President and CEO of Apex called David Fabianski said that similar to Apex, Retention Pond Services Inc. had evolved with regulatory environment and was adept at revolving the hardest stormwater challenges of their clients. In addition, the regional presence of the Apex and the nationwide ability in managing the stormwater had added that they were thrilled to have as a fraction of Apex.

Edward Coleman, the Chief Operating Officer of (Retention Pond Services Inc.) RPS said that the RPS and Apex had several shared abilities as well as the values which played vital role in the innovation and growth in storwater sector. He added that joining Apex provided them an exciting chance to develop further and also they looked forward to growing, working and being innovative together.

From 1988, Apex has been remaining at the top position in providing water resources, industrial hygiene solution as well as the environmental services. As an ENR, Apex is reputed for the technical support, their quick response time, unparalleled and excellent performance and also for the cost efficacy.

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