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All of Us Are Dead: Release date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, and more updates



All of Us Are Dead

A new zombie series, All of Us Are Dead, is here to amaze the fans of zombie outbreaks. A high school will become a breeding ground for a zombie virus. Netflix is giving us a spin with a new-age zombie apocalypse.

The series is an adaptation from Webtoon by Deng-guen. It is going to air on 28th January 2021. The release of all the episodes will premiere at 8 AM.

What is the plot of All of Us Are Dead?

A high school finds itself between a zombie invasion. The high schoolers will try to find ways to seek rescue. Chun Sung-il wrote the series. The series has a mysterious plot and action. It also brings out the horrifying experience of the Zombie apocalypse. It will also cover the story of characters getting infected with the virus. Everything depends on the choices they make. Also, the directors are, J.Q. Lee and Kim Nam-su did their best to bring all of it together.

All of Us Are Dead Cast

Who is starring in All of Us Are Dead?

The star cast of the series includes young actors. Park Ji-hu will play the role of On-Jo. She is a junior and is very popular. Yoon Chan-young is all set to play the role of Lee Cheong-san. He has been On-Jo’s best friend since childhood. Cho Yi-hyun will embody the role of Nam-ra. She is the class president. She will join forces with other classmates to survive. Lomon will play the role of Lee Su-hyeok. He will also try his best to protect his friends from the Outbreak. He is the leader of all the other characters. Yoo In-soo will be Yoon Gwi-nam. He is a bully. Also, the other characters include Lee Yoo-min as Lee Na-yeon. Lim Jae-hyeok is playing the role of Yang Dae Soo.

Is the trailer for All of Us Are Dead available?

Yes, the trailer is available. It also gives a detailed peek at students fleeing and seeking rescue. It highlights a glimpse of how the virus began.

Get ready to amaze yourself with another zombie invasion.

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