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AlignLife Chiropractic Care Resumes to Become an Essential Healthcare Resource

Shahina Khatun



This previous week, in light of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, AlignLife facilities the country over have executed stringent wellbeing conventions to guarantee all AlignLife centers are among the most secure medicinal services assets accessible in the networks it serves. AlignLife facilities surpass the precautionary sanitation measures suggested by the CDC and the Department of Health.

New wellbeing conventions at AlignLife include:

  • Alterations of the center design to encourage social separating
  • 3D laser scanner temperature checks when patients stroll in (patients with a temperature more than 100 degrees will be rescheduled)
  • Sanitizing liquor arrangement utilized on tables and by the specialist/staff between each visit
  • Committed occasions for those more than 70 years of age to guarantee there are close to two patients in the center
  • New programming being executed to empower patients to hold up in their vehicle and get a book upon arrangement accessibility to decrease hold up time in the workplace

“The wellbeing and security of our patients is our top need. By doing this, we guarantee we can securely offer the types of assistance our networks need to motivate recuperating, improve the insusceptible framework and keep medical clinic beds open for COVID-19 cases,” shares Dr. Joseph Esposito, originator and CEO of AlignLife. “Chiropractic care can’t about back torment or discovering alleviation from migraines. It is a crucial asset for our country’s wellbeing and prosperity.”

Since AlignLife specialists are prepared to allude patients to other human services suppliers when vital, they can offer significant patient help and help social insurance frameworks that are and will keep on being extended as far as possible.

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