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Academy Medical Has Announced a New Partnership with Cognivue

Shahina Khatun



Cognivue is the first FDA cleared test of the cognitive function across the world. Cognivue can quantitatively, reliably and objectively identify the changes in the cognitive function which can be an indicator of the impairment that one may optimally manage. It is entirely consistent, reliable and personalized. Protected by more than 17 patents, the intuitive test is mainly based on some adaptive psychophysics as well as can adapt to visual along with the motor ability of users.

The Academy Medical today has announced their partnership with the Cognivue. The vice president of National Accounts of Cognivue named Jeff Keys said that the access to the cognitive testing was quite limited and driving the brain health awareness along with the streamlining access to the cognitive screenings were the most important challenges of their time. Partnership with the Academy Medical was a natural fit for the Cognivue, and they were pleased to bring that chance to the military and veteran community.

It is very logical extension to involve the cognitive screening as a part of the whole testing protocol. Furthermore, the interventional strategies and tricks to enhance the cognitive decline can provide to maintain the physical as well as cognitive function. The vice president of Med/Surg named Ryan Isham said that the main goal of the Academy Medical was to partner with the manufacturers which could provide the products which could aid them to provide value to government and at the same time by increasing the level of veterans and the active military.

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