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ABC Foundations Offering Drug-Free Therapy for ADHD, Dyslexia, ADD, ODD, Sensory Processing, Disorder Speech Delay, Executive Dysfunction to Kids

Shahina Khatun



“ABC Foundations” is one of the best educational drug-free remediation centers that work for the welfare of children with academic and learning difficulties.

ABC Foundations has been working with children for a while. These children are from all over the United States, and some are from overseas. Most children come here with different behavioural, learning difficulties. Some have sensory processing disorder, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, speech and language, gross and fine motor skills, oppositional defiance, auditory processing disorder, disorder and much more.

Professional and researchers have assessed comprehensively to determine the breakthrough point in the central nervous system and they operate therapy from that point at the brain stem level. For most children, their specific program begins at the level prior to and shortly after birth, based on retracing common sequences of developmental growth. Years of neurological research has supported this work.

Parents partner up with ABC Foundations and guide their children along with the process and theirs, and their children’s lives have been totally transformed. Many of these parents have tried other therapies previously but to no avail.

Neurological research has backed ABC Foundations program for years, and it is designed to trace the typical sequence of child growth from the brain stem and then working its way up. ABC Foundations never teach compensation techniques; rather, the company’s aim is to instigate maturity of the nervous system by retrieving and recapturing pre-stages of growth, starting at the brain stem, ensuring children’s full potential. Reduce the stress of life with COVID-19, social distancing and province-wide shutdowns.

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