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A planned trip to two US farming states by Chinese officials cancelled

Aaron Ross



US-China trade war

We have seen that the tensions between the US and China regarding the trade war have been at an all-time high. This is because both the countries do not want to give an inch away to either side. While it is believed that China has a lot at stake if it ends up getting defeated in the trade war, the US companies should worry about the outcome as well. However, we believe that the best outcome of this trade war is with the help of negotiations from both sides which are going to start soon.

Now, we have some news to report regarding Chinese officials’ scheduled trip to the US farming states, Montana and Nebraska. We have been told that the trip has been cancelled and there is no clear reason given out regarding the same. However, the cancellation of this trip has made a big impact on the US markets as they have dropped after the news. Also, the decline in markets is because of US President Trump’s mixed signals about trade talks with China.

It was also said that the US-China bilateral talks were “making a lot of progress” which extended to a second day. However, Rebecca Colnar, the Montana Farm Bureau Federation’s director of public relations, said “What I was told by [an official at the Chinese embassy in Washington] was that according to an updated agenda for the Chinese delegation, that Vice-Minister Han and his team had to return to China earlier than previously planned,” He also revealed that “We had not gotten into any planning” because the farm officials were informed about the visit just a day earlier.

But US President Donald Trump said that “I don’t think I need [a trade deal with China] before the election,” “China’s being affected very badly. We’re not, we’re not being affected.”

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