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A New Hosting Plan from OPTim Cloud Hosting Aims to Appease Small Business Owners

Shahina Khatun



From the OPTiM Cloud Hosting’s best-selling hosting plan, the web hosting plan of the Linux appears. The plan is like a pared-down version of the web hosting, but it fills a niche that the web hosting industry often has overlooked.

Recent flow in the field of web hosting sphere focus to provide the consumers with the rich plans by offering the most recent development and technology, but the extra functionality adds to the cost of plan most often. While the web developers and the internet savvy startup firms in the developing features, smaller businesses as well as the local brick and smaller shops are badly stuck footing the cost for the features which are not simply relevant for the smaller and static websites.

The OPTim Cloud Hosting is now aiming to fill this gap with the aid of Linux web hosting plan. This Linux web hosting plan is like a website hosting package which allocates the server as well as the resources for the website thereby allowing the user to upload, design and to host a website on internet. The plant appears with 5GB of the disk space for the website files, 10 Enterprise email accounts, Free WordPress content management system, 1 SQL databases for storage.

The hosting Plan supports only a single domain that is much suited to smaller businesses searching for an easily handled online presence. Despite its smaller size, the Plan supports to various free site builders like WordPress. This saves small businesses from hiring the web developer that can result in enhancing the costs each time the website requires to be updated or changed.

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