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A High-Touch Barrier Tissue Introduced by Seaman Paper

Shahina Khatun



Responding to the increased concern of this pandemic spread of COVID-19, Seaman Paper has launched a new paper-based solution that is planned to assist in minimizing the direct hand contact with contagious surfaces. High-Touch Barrier Tissue is like an FDA-compliant paper that is packaged with either 1,000 or 500 grabs and go sheets. It can serve as a barrier between your hands and the contagious surfaces. Two sizes are available, and the high-touch barrier tissue can be allocated to the customers at a gas pump in convenience or grocery store, or any place where several hands touch a similar surface.

Jamie Jones, the owner of Seaman Paper, said that in the time of this serious concern over the transmission of COVID-19, they are glad to be able to get that innovative solution, which can aid in keeping a lot of people safe as well as healthy. Jamie added that the protective gloves were in high demand, and their barrier tissue made a paper-based option, which wouldn’t have any serious environmental impact, and at the same time the paper would ensure that their medical professionals, as well as other health or emergency workers, cling to these glove supplies.

High-Touch Barrier Tissue is now ready for the immediate shipment. The interested parties that are seeking for more information on this product can contact the Seaman Paper directly via their official website. The headquarter of Seaman Paper is in Gardner and is an influential global producer of the lightweight speciality tissue papers. Over the last decade, this company has developed a lot.

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