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A Comprehensive Guide from Sound Royalties – Income Streams All Music Creatives Should Know

Shahina Khatun



Music royalties, licensing fees and some other income streams available to the songwriters, producers, and artists can be harder to navigate, often resulting in notable revenue going uncollected. To make things clear to creatives, specialty finance firm, Sound Royalties has cleared a comprehensive guide which aggregates much of the information on these topics. 50 Income Streams Music Creatives Should Know About, And Where to Find Them specifies the expanding number of music royalty and revenue sources for the creators, with directed links to industry resources.

The accelerated growth of technology has produced ever-expanding and newer opportunities for music distribution, new forms of music royalties and even more ways than ever to track and gather different revenues that copyrights earn. The challenge is keeping up with various types of royalties and fees which are out there and knowing how to get the payment.

All the music royalties begin with the song, and every song is defended by the copyrights in two categories – i) A copyright for the songwriting or composition, and ii) copyright for the recorded performance of the song.

Depending on one’s role in the production, recording or writing of any song, artists, songwriters and producers may acquire royalties on a copyright category or even both. Beyond the copyright royalties, there is a wide range of profit and fee centers that can negotiate the earnings of music professionals. It is critical for the creatives to become familiar with those income sources and have expert aid whenever possible to track and gather the royalties, fees as well as commercial revenues to which they are generally entitled.

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