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Axiom Medical Has Announced New Executive Vice President of Sales

Shahina Khatun



Axiom Medical is an influential incident case management, as well as occupational health services provider in the North America is glad to declare that Chad Winkle has now been appointed as the Executive Vice President of the Sales His responsibilities will include the sales team leadership by accelerating the revenue of Axiom via newer label sales as well as the expansion of the services and contributing to the development of business strategies of the company.

The CEO and President of Axiom Medical, named Mark Robinson, said that Chad brought a huge amount of expertise to their executive group, which would aid them to accelerate and sustain a higher rate of development that they had acquired at the Axiom Medical over the past fewer years. After launching a competitive executive search program, the track record of Chad as a business development leader had stood out as exceptional. He was confident about that adding Chad to their leadership team would enhance their position as a value leader in the occupational health services.

Mr. Winkle has experience of more than 23 years in the field of leadership and sales to the Axiom with a demonstrated track record of starting and leading the change, transforming businesses to improve customer’s experience, driving results, and so on. Before joining Axiom, he was expert in developing high performance sale team at the Frontier Communications, RigNet, The Accelerence Group as well as the CenturyLink. He obtains his MBA degree from the Sam Houston State University, and he is a Texas native.

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