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49% of Organizations Hire People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, But 81% in the US Still Remain Unemployed

Shahina Khatun



Across the US, one person per five people of working age has a disability. But yet, despite of the well-publicized skill and talent shortage, the rate of the national unemployment for the people with disability is twice of broader population. For the people who have development as well as the intellectual disabilities, the number rises to 81%.

Institute for Corporate Productivity releases a new study collaborating with Best Buddies International and the Special Olympics and it observes the way how organizations are knocking these underserved talent. Besides, it also examines and focuses to include every type of disabilities as well as the practices which are used to create hiring, workplaces and organizational cultures much more inclusive. The study was titled “The Inclusive Talent Pool: Hiring People with Disabilities” which is likely to be a follow up to the groundbreaking 2014 study of the Institute for Corporate Productivity, which was titled “Employing People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.”

Despite of the disproportionately higher unemployment rate in the people with disabilities, a new research of Institute for Corporate Productivity efficiently proves that the organizations are gradually increasing and are adopting their practices. Besides, the organizations are also forming several employment partnership which will boost the retention and hiring tendency among the group. The study also proves that the people with disabilities who are employed in, are evolving and expanding – especially in the areas of white-collar, knowledge and professional worker jobs. Howard Stoeckel, a retired CEO of Wawa, in his memories, wrote about giving the employment opportunities to the talented individuals also.

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