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10 Exhibits Booths Remain for the AAMSI’s 2020 Medicare Supplement Industry Summit

Shahina Khatun



Among the 124 exhibit spaces of booth at 12th National Medicare Supplement Insurance Industry Summit, there are only 10 available booths – according to the American Association for the Medicare Supplement Insurance.

The director of the American Association for Medicare Supplement Industry named Jesse Slome said that the Medigap national conference 2020 would surely be the greatest gathering for the industry which would take place on 13to 15 May in 2020 in the Schaumburg in Illinois. The place is located at 12 miles west of the O’Hare airport of Chicago.

According to the AAMSI (American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance) the conference of this year that took place in the Atlanta proposed 85 booth spaces. Jesse said that clearly, they didn’t have sufficient spaces for those who had wanted a presence as well as had decided to search for a greater venue. The spaces for the booth for 2020 event had been reserved at maximum pace and they indeed had 10 spaces remaining. Slome also explained that the event is particularly made for those who sell, deal and market with the regulatory, administrative and pricing claims issues. Slome also said that he believed the expansion in the interest was because of the growth of both Medicare insurance marketplace and several changes which impact the Medicare and Medicare insurance options. They would bring the industry experts together to make sure that the changes as well as their implications on the future at event.

The AAMSI organizes the national Medigap industry conference as well as hosts the leading Find A Local Medicare Agent online directory of the nation.

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